Orange Sky Laundry

This is a fabulous service, helping the homeless community in Brisbane and further afield.  Today saw the boys in the bright orange van doing 140kg of washing in Yeppoon for Central Queensland residents affected by tropical cyclone Marcia.  Good to see community spirit is alive and well!


The Red Brick Bakery, Newmarket

Here’s comes the weekend and it’s time to treat yourself.  This Newmarket find is a weekend must do!

The Red Brick Bakery is home to artisan bakery, Crust and Co – suppliers to some of Brisbane’s top cafes and restaurants.


On Fridays and weekends this little bakery opens it’s doors to the public and they come in droves to drool over the amazing variety of sweet and savoury morsels just screaming “eat me”!  Awesome sour dough (and a variety of other breads),  buttery, flaky pastries, tempting tarts and more walk out the door in white paper bags.  Entry to the bakery is through a very ordinary looking side door that on a weekday would look just like any other door, giving no hint of what really lies within.  In fact, I felt a bit like a naughty child, sneaking into a forbidden lolly shop!

Last weekend was my first visit to Crust and Co and it definitely won’t be my last. It’s probably a good thing that it’s only open to piggies like me a few days a week! I walked out with an almond and custard croissant and a cherry and almond brioche slice to share with the husband – both were divine!

Crust and Co opens it’s doors to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 6am – 12 noon but be warned, you’ll probably have to queue to get in the door and the earlier you get there, the more variety you’ll find. This manna from heaven starts disappearing in those white paper bags very early so get out of those PJs and over to The Red Brick Bakery this weekend. You can also buy a great Merlo’s coffee at the bakery to complete this great experience. Just do it!