Daisy’s close shave

The thought of losing a much-loved pet tugs at the heart strings and reminds you just how much that little fur baby has come to mean to everyone in the family. Kate’s pup, Daisy, had a rough week last week after snacking on some cold and flu tablets but thankfully she’s now home after a few days at the Brisbane Specialist Vet Clinic (emergency pet hospital). Things looked grim when Daisy was admitted but after a few tense and worrying days and fantastic care by a specialist vet and vet nurses, we have a happy ending – thanks to everyone at BSVC!


Luv you Daisy xxx 🐾

The Daisy Diaries

We love our little pup to bits. Our daughter, Kate, bought little Daisy back in December last year. Then she was only seven weeks old and so tiny! Of course, being a mini foxy x Pomeranian x Jack Russell means she’s never going to be a giant but she was much smaller than a tissue box when we first met her! She’s cute, fun, cuddly, mischievous and great company. Keep a lookout for her because I’ll be keeping you updated on Daisy’s antics. In the meantime, here’s a pic of her early this year.

I'm so cute!

I’m so cute!