Discover Martha Street at Sunset

What a great little shopping precinct! This event is a great excuse to check it out and you’d be crazy not to grab a bite to eat at one of the caf├ęs or restaurants while you’re there.


Antarctic Sundays by Zane Hacker


Tonight I attended an author talk by a young man who has quite a story to tell. This 30 year old from Pomona in Queensland has been to Antarctica no less than eight times and in two weeks will be heading back to this icy continent for a two month stint.

Originally joining the team at Mawsen Station as a chef, Zane is now a valued member of the team, with many learnt and valuable skills in his repertoire.

His book, “Antarctic Sundays”, combines cooking, photography and his memoirs of his many trips to Antarctica. His photography is stunning and it was one of the most interesting author talks I have been to at our local library in Ashgrove. I, for one, look forward to reading Zane’s book! Available at good independent book stores, the book retails for around $40.

Oh, and Zane made delicious little coconut buttons for us to enjoy with our tea and coffee tonight! Got my vote!


Russian Resurrection Film Festival


I was fortunate to be given a double pass to the opening night of the Russian Resurrection Film Festival last week so a friend and I attended, having no idea what to expect. I was surprised at how few people were in the heart of the city, even for a week night it was very quiet. Perhaps it had something to do with the upcoming G20 – there was definitely a stronger security presence in town than I’ve seen before.

In any case, off to the festival we went. Sitting in the cinema waiting for it to begin we felt that maybe we were the only ones there who didn’t speak Russian – I had no idea Brisbane had such a large Russian community! The movie was a Russian Classic – Visilisa, set during the revolution. Yes, it was pretty bloodthirsty but a great movie! Subtitled in English, things became a bit tricky once the French entered the story. We now had Russian being spoken, English subtitles and a voice-over interpreting in French!

The after party produced hot finger food, vodka, white wine, vodka, red wine, vodka, vodka shots, and vodka and cranberry juice! And this was the real deal – vodka that just about blew your socks off! One shot was enough for us, before heading out into the fresh air for a look at the light shows on the city buildings.

Thanks Must do Brisbane for the opportunity to attend the opening night of the festival.