October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s the perfect time of year to be “thinking pink” and gently reminding our girlfriends, Mums, sisters and other special women in our lives to schedule those breast examinations into their diaries. So, for the rest of October I’ll be posting a “think pink” reminder here on my blog!

Here’s today’s reminder ….



“Memory in Your Hands” at the Relaxation Centre

Yesterday a friend and I tried something very new and different. We spent our day playing with clay and being creative in a way we’d never have thought of. The morning was spent creating various forms, all relating to our “special animal”. For those of you who think you know which animal I was busy making, you’ll have to think again! Our animals had to start with the same initial as our Christian name, so I was trying to get creative with a seal! Whilst other members of the course produced impressive pieces, I have to say kindy kids could probably have shown more artistic flair than me! It was, however, a fun morning and time spent sharing a few laughs with friends is always time well spent.

"ET - Phone Home"

The afternoon session ……. Showing immense patience and encouraging us to push those creative boundaries, the lovely Susan Margaret led us through what really was an amazing afternoon. First, we created the base for our clay sculpture which was the shell of a human head. This sounds easy but actually took a lot of building and adjusting. Next,we were blindfolded and had to shape the face, purely using the “memory in our hands”. Thirty minutes later the blindfolds came off and I think it’d be fair to say we were all amazed and impressed with our results. After a little bit of adjusting and tidying up, we each had our own very individual piece of work to take home. I’ve labelled mine “ET – phone home”!