Best ice bucket challenge I’ve seen

There’s no doubt that the ice bucket challenge has been a very successful public awareness and fund raising tool for ALS/MND, which is fantastic. However, I’ve seen my share now and would be really happy if this was the last challenge I saw. Take a look, it’s a humorous way to finish a great campaign for a very deserving cause and should leave a smile on your dial!


Sign the petition to save “A Place to Call Home”

The Seven Network made a big mistake when they axed this great show! We haven’t seen an Aussie period drama like it before and it was hugely popular. Claiming that the ratings were down and that the demographic who watched it most (supposively the over 55’s) didn’t have disposable cash to spend on advertiser’s products, the network axed it with little or no notice. Given that the third season is already written and ready for filming, you have to wonder which so called “experts” at 7 made this call! Many fans are outraged and want to see this drama returned to the screen. If you’re one of them, go ahead and sign!

Image from Google Advanced Image Search

Image from Google Advanced Image Search