This is a very insightful and thought provoking article that just reinforces what I’ve been feeling for some time now. Have a read and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to fine tune your shopping habits.

groceriesGrocery shopping is a bugger even at the best of times (which is when the children aren’t with you, the trolley doesn’t wobble, you’ve remembered your list and your eco bags and raspberries are on special). But when you add a minor crisis of conscience at almost every step of the way, it becomes a TOTAL PAIN. We are faced with increasing numbers of ‘own brand’ (private supermarket branded) products, which we are oft told are hurting our farmers and our economy. Should I just gleefully grab the bargains or should I think more about provenance and integrity and long term gain?

It’s bloody tempting to reach past ‘premium’ branded sugar when supermarket private brands are about half the price. And sometimes it’s just impossible to find anything other than private brands (even if not ‘own’ branded, it’s often disguised – a la Macro health foods or Great Ocean Road…

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Blue Ridge Lavender Farm and Retreat, Dayboro

imageFeel like a break from the big smoke? Just a short drive from Brisbane is this little piece of heaven. Be warned: you may never want to go home!