Farewell to “A Place to Call Home”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is sad to think we’ve seen the last episode of this great Aussie period drama. Believable story lines, fabulous acting and classic Australian scenery should have made this a winning combination. It was indeed a hit with many Aussies. However, as reported in the Sunday Mail on June 29th, it seems that the show was appealing to the older demographic – the over 55’s. Apparently we’re not the demographic most favored by advertisers because we’re not the big spenders – it’s the young ones they’re after! In any case, I think Channel 7 has made a huge mistake and judging by the many comments being made on Facebook and the web, so do many others. Let’s hope Channel 7 replaces this great show with something of a similar standard and not more reality rubbish!

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

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